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About Us

This page is called “About us", but "us" is just myself, so here goes a little bit about me.

             My name is Brian, and I am originally from Long Island NY but have lived all over the country thanks to the Navy. My wife says I had a pretty crazy childhood, but to me it was normal. I am going to fast forward thru the early years because that would be an entirely different page. As a young man, I dreamed I would own my own restaurant, I worked at a pizza place for years and developed a love for food. In High School, I was not the greatest student and I had gotten into some trouble a few times. This resulted in me leaving High School early and getting my GED.

          All of the men of my family had, or were serving their country as I grew up. We had someone serve in every military branch except for the Coast Guard. I clearly remember telling my father one day, that the military wasn't for me. I said that I was going to be better than that, and make real money (not really sure what I meant by that, but I knew I wouldn't serve).  A few years later my life was going in the opposite direction I thought it would be. My truck had broken down and I lacked the money to fix it at the time, so I had to walk to and from work. This gave me a lot of time to think, and I realized that I would be the one to break the family tradition of serving my country. I thought of my brothers, one brother had served for four years in the Marines and the other had been a lifer in the Air Force. I am not sure why, but this really weighed on me that night. When I arrived at my apartment that evening I walked in and on the TV was a show called Major Dad! I know this sounds crazy but I took it as a sign from God, and the next day I called an Army recruiter. After meeting with him and taking the practice ASVAB he had said my scores were good. But unfortunately, at that time, they could not take anyone with a GED and I would have to wait a few months to get in.  But he knew a Navy recruiter that may be able to get me in. So long story short I ended up at a meeting with the Navy recruiter and shortly after I left for Boot Camp.

         Almost immediately after graduating from Boot Camp, I was diagnosed with cancer, stage 3-B Hodgkin Lymphoma, so I went off to Bethesda, Maryland and became a patient at Naval Hospital Bethesda. After receiving chemo and radiation therapy for what seemed like an eternity, I was able to continue on in the Navy. I knew then I would make the Navy a career, and I was so grateful for the treatment I received and felt I owed my country.

         I served for 22 years and achieved the rank of Chief Petty Officer, which is something I will always be proud of. During this time I met my wife of 21 years and we had two beautiful daughters.

After leaving the Navy I spent three years teaching Naval Science for a small charter school in New Mexico, and then made the decision that I wanted to work for myself.

         After brainstorming for business ideas and having a daughter in college that I worried about, I realized that there is a need for non-lethal methods of protection. A lot of people may not want to, or support carrying a gun, or maybe can't carry due to state laws or restrictions at the workplace and colleges. I provide methods of protection that people can use to help them feel safe walking at night, in their homes, when they are out with friends, and many more scenarios. There are many other options for people to protect themselves and I hope to continually add different products to the site to help people stay safe. And, let's not forget, some of our products are just pretty cool.  I went into this business not knowing anything about running a website or business, and since I have made the decision to go for it, I have been learning new things every day. My goal is to grow this business by providing quality products and customer service. Any and all suggestions are always welcome if you would like to send me a message use the contact us tab. I hope my products can help you in some way, I am happy to help you find the right fit for your needs and am very responsive through email.