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The Safety Technology TRIGGER Stun Gun, comes in Black, Purple, Pink, Blue, Red, Green and Zebra. This Stun Gun has all the power you need to stop an attacker with 4.8 milliamps of electrical current. The battery can last up to 3 months and is easily recharged with its built in charger no need for any cords just plug straight into a standard outlet. This is one of the best Stun Gun flashlight combo’s on the market today.


  • Bright 100 lumen flashlight
  • Disabling pin wrist strap
  • New trigger design
  • Rubberized coating for grip
  • Measures 4 5/8" x 1 3/4" x 7/8"
  • If you are looking for an affordable stun gun this is a great option.


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Questions and answers about Trigger Stun Guns.

Is it an actual taser?

Answer: No a lot of people make that mistake a TASER is very different, first TASER is a brand and when you fire a TASER it sends out two prongs attached to wires that stick to the attacker then sends a charge to put the attacker down. A Stun Gun has 2 probes at the end of it that much touch your attacker both are very effective self defense tools.

Is it legal to have a Stun Gun in my state?

Answer: Some states and cities have restrictions on Stun Guns please check our laws and restrictions page for your city.

Is the Trigger Stun Gun rechargeable?

Answer: Yes the Trigger Stun Gun has a built in charger at the bottom of the Stun Gun there are retractable prongs that plug directly into any standard outlet.

Where does the safety pin go?

Answer: The safety pin is attached to a wrist strap and is inserted into a hole on the bottom of the Stun Gun when inserted the Stun Gun can be fired, if the Stun Gun is pulled out of your hand the pin will come out and disable the Stun Gun.

Will the Stun Gun go off if it is in my pocket?

Answer: The Trigger Stun Gun has a 3 position switch off/flashlight/stun, in order for the stun to be activated you would have to have the disable pin in and the switch in the stun position and then pull the trigger. With that being said you are pretty safe carrying it in your pocket.

Do I have to touch the attacker with the Stun gun for it to work?

Answer: Yes the probes on the Stun Gun must touch the attacker the Stun Gun is designed to penetrate thru normal clothes so you do not have to make contact with thier skin.

What happens if I lose the wrist strap?

Answer: New wrist straps can be purchased on our web site.

How often do I have to recharge my Stun Gun.

Answer: That will depend on how much you use it, if you use the flashlight a lot you will have to charge more frequently normal usage will get you about 30 days depending on the type of Stun Gun you have. Each Stun Gun comes with information on charging.

When I receive my Stun Gun is it fully charged?

Answer: No there will be some charge but you will need to charge it when it arrives. Make sure to read the included instructions.

Do Trigger Stun Guns come with a case?

Answer: Yes there is a nylon mesh holster included with your Trigger Stun Gun along with the safety wrist strap.

Can I bring my Stun Gun on a plane when I go on vacation?

Answer: Yes according to the TSA website you can bring a Stun Gun on a plane but it must be checked, you can not bring it on the plane in your carry on luggage. If you are traveling with a Stun Gun make sure the state and city you are traveling to allows Stun Guns and I would also go to the TSA website and make sure to read the updated list of items not allowed as this can change at any time.

If you are looking for personal protection for yourself or a loved one the Trigger Stun Gun is a great affordable option, all our Stun Guns are covered by a lifetime warranty and are built to last. The Trigger Stun Gun definitely has enough power to stop an attacker and having the flashlight makes it the perfect tool for anyone, whether you are walking on a college campus or in a dark parking garage the bright flashlight will come in handy.  Our website is updated frequently so keep checking back for new products or just check out our question and answer section.