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Inexpensive Black Trigger Stun Gun

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The Safety Technology Black Trigger Stun Gun

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How many colors do Trigger stun guns come in?

Choose from 7 different colors Black, Pink, Red, Blue, Purple and Green and Zebra.

How bright is the flashlight?

The Trigger Stun Gun has a 100 lumen flashlight for everyday use or it can be used to blind an attacker.

What is a disabling wrist strap?

All Trigger stun guns come with a disabling wrist strap there is a pin attached to the strap that is inserted into the stun gun if an attacker grabs the stun gun from you the pin comes out which disables the stun gun.

Are Trigger stun guns rechargeable?

Yes the Trigger stun guns have retractable prongs that plug into any standard outlet.

What are the Trigger stun gun measurements?

Measurements: 4 ⅝” x 1 ¾ x ⅞   

Do I have to charge my Stun Gun when I first get it?

Your Stun Gun will arrive with some charge but it is recommended to charge yours  when you first receive it. Each Stun Gun will come with specific information for that Stun Gun, make sure you follow the directions to ensure your Stun Guns is always charged and ready to go.

How old do I have to be to carry a Stun Gun?

Stun Guns may only be carried by people 18 years of age or older.

How many milliamps does the Trigger Stun Gun have?

The Trigger Stun Gun has 4.8 milliamps which gives it plenty of stopping power.

Does this Stun Gun have a warranty?

Yes all Safety Technology Trigger Stun Guns come with a lifetime warranty.

Is it ok to test fire my Stun Gun?

Yes definitely you should test fire your Stun Gun periodically to make sure everything is working properly. Make sure when test firing in the air only discharge for 1 second at a time to avoid damaging the unit, you need not worry about this if using against an attacker as the unit will be grounded.  


















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